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Veterinary Pregnancy Diagnosis Required in Kochi

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Job Description

Job Role : Veterinary Pregnancy Diagnosis


  • Determining the pregnancy status of animals, primarily livestock and companion animals
  • Perform various diagnostic procedures to determine the pregnancy status of animals, including ultrasound imaging, rectal palpation, hormone testing, and other specialized techniques.
  • Provide guidance and assistance in reproductive management strategies, such as artificial insemination, estrus synchronization, and embryo transfer.
  • Ensure successful breeding programs, optimize breeding efficiency

Employer :

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: AgriRecruiters.Com
Candidate Profile


  • Strong knowledge of animal reproductive physiology
  • Proficiency in performing ultrasound imaging
  • Familiarity with hormone testing
  • Familiarity with interpretation of test results for pregnancy determination.

Education - Master's or Ph.D. Degree in Animal Science, Animal Science

Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc)